Employee Of the Month March 2014
Amogh Kutumbe Sales Excellence Appreciate his efforts in creating macros based solution for Abbott India colleagues and helping them to create their dashboards on time. Further helping them to complete their DVL data compilation task.
Raghavendra Poojary Sales Excellence For his extensive efforts in ensuring 100% expense approval for all DSMs in his assigned zones.He has also ensured >95% report submission by all DSMs for March'14.
K Narsimhan TC1 Primary Performance - 111 %,Build brand - 103%,Injectable - 129%,Attrition - Zero. Excellent drive to hit the Objective.
Pravin Kulkarni TC1 Primary Performance - 112 %,Build brand - 121%,Injectable - 123%,Attrition - Zero.
Manish Mehrotra TC1 103% achievement for the month. 114% build brand performance,Zero attrition for the month.
Govind Tandel TC1 PMT He drove QPS initiative very aggressively. He sent mails and sms to ZSMs regularly to ensure timely delivery of documents. He spoke to SMs regularly regarding the same. After receipt of documents he went through he same and immediately informed the concerned ZSMs regarding the deviations.
Parvinder Keer TC2 Achieved 112% TA for the month and YTD >100% All build brands are on >100% .Zonal call avg is >12.
Rohan Gawde TC2 PMT For achieving 107% Zimnic AZ for the month and YTD performance also above 100%......drive and follow up is the key for success....Keep it up.
Narendra Singh Sales Excellence For providing excellent support to the TC2 teams by conducting detailed Record book and RCPA book usage check during the mid-CSMs and also driving 100% TSP submissions within timelines in his zones of influence. Keep up the good work!
Kavita Dhanmesh Strategic Marketing For Timely execution of OEC Training Record Retention Process of all Abbott True Care employees.
Ruby George Finance & Accounts For preparing LBE sales templates well in advance for 2014 & 2015.
Radha Krishna Jha Human Resource Has managed the Go To Market strategy action items very effectively with a total of 21 closures in the month.He also updated the HR Operations activities by closing 85 pending FFS cases. Has partnered with the Zonal Sales Leadership in an effective manner to manage all sensitivities in the zone and also managed the documentation process meticulously. Despite the above priorities, he could also attend 5 review meetings and complete 3 JFW's in the month.
Shripad Shukre Sales Training TC1 For coordinating with Manas/ other BTMs and other cross functions to finalize the DSM Induction training deck.
Vikas Dongre Sales Training TC2 For his unmatched contribution in making the Step High training material ready and dispatching the same to all 21 training venues well in time.
Meenakshi Das Gyan Sampark Insightful Presentation on Typhoid Market through Primary Research and Excellent execution of Dispensing doctor program SOP.
Abhijit Shil Bandhan Quality response to queries with defined TAT, understanding & clarity of process and Customer feedback received.