Employee Of the Month October 2014
Bharadwaj Mangu TC1 Primary Performance for Oct is 119%, All DSMs / ASMs are on 100% achievement , Build Brand are on 123% achievement and Injectable performance is 130 %
Kedar Inamdar TC1 PMT For shouldering the responsibility of coordinating with the team and doing necessary follow ups for ?15 Media plan & Promatogram
Manish Saxena TC2 100% Target Achievement or 2nd consecutive month?.22 DSMs and 4 ASMs achieved the target
Bala Pattipati TC2 101% Target Achievement in October 2014 with build brands on >100% and 0 attrition ,17 DSMs out of 23 DSMs are on >100% for the month .
Rohan Gawde TC2 PMT For shouldering extra responsibility of Megamox CV and ensuring 100% target achievement for the month
Narhari Dusa Informatics Automation of daily sales tracker
Ashwini Suryawanshi Informatics Automation of daily sales tracker
Rucha Pandit Medical For the efforts put in during the ATP launch. Taking forward the medical initiatives in brands like Cefi-O and Anafortan.
Vikas Kashyap Marketing Excellence For his significant contribution in driving Brand AOPs for 6 Focus Brands
Ruby George Business Finance For follow up and implementation of claim replacement at various CFAs
Atul Ingale IFO team Prompt efforts taken for clearing the Outstanding Stale Cheques Vendors for Truecare. Atul also demonstrated proactive fund position placement and action to ensure timely vendor payments during the various Bank Holidays in October 2014.
Girija Nair One Point Solving highest number of queries in Oct 2014 and establishing outstanding Customer Relationship with Field Force.
Shripad Shukre Sales Training TC1 For designing DSM skill workbook for DSM Induction training program..
Vinaya Kumar Lakshmanan Sales Training TC2 For his overall coordination within the team and contribution to prepare and finish the Pre induction as well as Induction task well in time.
Meenakshi Das Gyan Sampark For her collaborative efforts in ensuring successful execution of World Heart Day project